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The Strangest Answer to Prayer Ever

It was exactly what I asked for and everything that I didn’t need.

I’ve written previously about my firing from ministry¬†twenty years ago and my subsequent five years of self-imposed exile from full-time ministry. In those days I occupied myself with a job that I did not enjoy but which paid the bills. There’s nothing like a job you hate to fuel the imagination about the job you love–or might love.

A little over a year after my firing we were living in an awful little apartment that had formerly been a spacious garage. I had been puzzling over ways to get back into ministry and had begun considering new avenues. One day I found myself contemplating starting a new church. Would I be up for that challenge?

It would be so easy! Get a group of people together with a common vision, start a small home group and continuing to work this awful job while waiting to see if God would bless our efforts. Others had done it, why not me? Surely this could be a good use of my talents and skills and would eventually get me back into the work I love. Continue reading