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In those times when you're not sure what to pray about, remember the keys to prayer.

Where are your keys? Do you know where they are right now?

My keys go in the tray on top of my dresser every night and then right into my pocket the next morning. I tap my pocket several times a day to ensure they’re still with me. You could say that almost everything I value is represented by a key. Obviously, the same is true for you as well.

Of course, I don’t just trust keys to protect the valuable things in my life; I also trust God. Our keys are simply reminders of the people and things we hold dear. And they’re great reminders, too—because they jingle when we walk!

That jingle isn’t just a reminder that my keys are with me; it can become a reminder to pray. So, sometimes, I pray through my keys. It’s become a quick and simple way to focus my mind and heart on all God has provided that I hold dear.

Keys jingling

Oooh . . . look here! Look!

Praying Through Your Keys

Take your keys in your hand and pray for what they represent. Holding your house key, thank God for the blessing of a home, and offer it to him for his use. Pray for your family and for the opportunities you have to show hospitality to visitors.

What about your car keys? Consider the places your car takes you. Some errands and trips are essential for your health and home. Likewise, visits with friends are relaxing and renewing. And obviously, driving to both work and worship is essential. Ask God to protect you and direct your paths as you drive.

I also have a key to my mailbox, but all I seem to get in the mail lately is bills. Pray about your finances as you hold that key. Ask God to give you the wisdom to use the resources he has blessed you with.

Of course, my mailbox key also reminds me that I have letters to mail. Ask God if there’s anyone you could encourage this week with a card or letter.

The Keys of Mystery

Now, maybe this is just me, but I have a mystery key on my keychain. I have no idea what it’s for! Do you have one of those?

Do you have more than one of those?

I’ve racked my brain and prayed, but still have no idea what that key opens! Nevertheless, its presence reminds me to ask God if I’ve forgotten anything I need to turn over to him. Or maybe there’s something I’ve left undone or—even worse—left unlocked in my life that I need to give him to keep me safe.

This key could also be a reminder that, at one time, there was something I once valued enough to keep locked up. Is there a devotion I need to rekindle? A relationship I need to renew? Moreover, does this key point to changing values in my life, whether good or bad?

Key Question Mark

Additionally, keychains themselves are often sentimental. Mine particularly, was a gift from my sister on my sixteenth birthday. Obviously it’s been with me for a while! In the same way, maybe you’ve got a trinket or a picture hanging from your keychain, reminding you of someone special. Take a moment to pray for that person and ask God to bless them as they have blessed you.

Give God the Keys

Then, finally, holding all your keys in your hand, raise them up and offer to the Lord everything you own and every one valuable to you.

The reality is that he’s only asking you to hold the keys for him in the first place.

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