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Joy in Serving – Message for May 11, 2014

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It’s amazing how much can go wrong on a big day like Mother’s Day! As I got up to preach a car alarm started going off in the parking lot. I had to stall while some people headed out to investigate. I used the time to lead a congregational prayer. Then there was some miscommunication on the song after the sermon and I had to spend an extra minute stalling while the problem was cleared up.

The problem with the song should have been taken care of during rehearsal but that song wasn’t rehearsed. The other problem could have been solved with thicker walls around the church…possibly.

It was just another reminder that there will always be those unexpected disturbances and you can’t plan for everything. Other than that, though, the sermon went well.

I’m not a basketball fan. I’m not any kind of sports fan at all. It was purely by chance that I happened to turn on the TV this week and see Kevin Durant’s MVP acceptance speech. I’d like to think it was a God thing.

The video clip played well during the message. I had good reactions while preaching and after as well. I think they’ve really appreciated this little series. Next week will bring it to a close.