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You Are His Masterpiece – Message for May 4, 2014

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 “It’s not about you.”

If my congregation has heard me say that once they’ve heard it a thousand times. It’s a recurring theme in my messages. It pops up all the time. By now they should have it memorized.

But today it was all about them. Well, about “you” anyway.

I love Ephesians. When I came to Kansas as an interim minister I found a church that didn’t believe in itself anymore. I spent months taking them through Ephesians to show them who God said they were, what he had called and equipped them to do and to consider where their God-possible dreams might take them.

Sometimes I wish I could preach it all over again. Maybe I will.

Today I continued my series on “Doing Church as a Team” with a look at what God has called us to do as individuals. Ephesians 2 was a great place to take them for this.

The sermon went well. I was editing and working on it right up until this morning. This time editing meant cutting rather than adding. I liked doing that! It’s rare that I edit myself that way.

The juggling illustration went well at the end. I was afraid it would prove to be a distraction from the greater point, but I think it made the point for me. It’s a little bittersweet, though. I realize now I can never juggle from the pulpit again. At least not unless I’m taking the show on the road.