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In 2002, on the first anniversary of 9-11, I was watching a lot of cable news about the memorials taking place after the attacks of the previous year. One network presented a video montage of all the ways the World Trade Center had been used in various movies and TV shows. I found it moving and very well done.

And then I never found it again!

For years I searched and searched; googling every term I could think of that might lead me to the video stored somewhere, but no luck. Finally, feeling a little desperate, I decided to recreate it myself.

I found clips of the World Trade Center, added the music that the original video had used, and put them together in this video. Amazingly enough, YouTube has never taken it down. There’s got to be a handful of copyright violations in this!

Since it’s still available, check out my poor copy of a tribute to the Twin Towers. I’m sure I missed a few uses, like the cut scene often used in Friends, or the glider landing from Escape from New York (that was just a little too goofy). Still, try to remember . . .