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I Told a Story About My Son Connor in My Sermon Sunday

Connor loves rollercoasters. I should amend that. Connor loves some rollercoasters. This past summer, on a trip to Holiday World, I took Connor on a rollercoaster he most definitely didn’t love. It’s really all my fault. You can hear the story by clicking here.

Connor at Holiday World
Trust me, he was having a fantastic time!

What I didn’t tell you in the sermon was that, as soon as the ride came to an end, Connor let me have it! He might be autistic and nonverbal, but he yelled and stomped and let me know in every way he possibly could, that he was NOT happy with me! I apologized as best I knew how . . . and then I bought him food.

But here’s the amazing part: During the ride, Connor was with me. As we went up and down the hills and spiraled in the corkscrews, he stayed tight against my side, holding onto me for dear life. The ride was bumpy, but we stuck together. Of course, as a preacher, I had to use that story in a sermon!


When the Ride is Bumpy – Hold On!

I think there’s a lesson there for the church. Too often, when the ride gets bumpy, we want to get off, get out, go somewhere else, and find a different ride. The problem is, that’s not how the church is supposed to work. That’s is not unity.

Sometimes things get bumpy. When they do, let’s hold tight. Let’s remember that Jesus went to the cross for our salvation and for our unity. When the ride’s not what we expected, let’s honor him by holding tight.


Rollercoaster rides with Connor are a lot of fun, and they make for good stories. Check out our first rollercoaster experience by clicking here.