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Leader’s Digest is a weekly collection of articles, podcasts, and other posts gleaned from the internet. Some thoughtful, some funny, some are just different. All of them are worth sharing with you.

Brian Zahnd’s New Sermon Series on Job

The Book of Job exposes the satanic practice of blame. The book presents a test to the reader: Can the reader hold onto what God says about Job — that Job was blameless. Most readers cannot. Eventually they are seduced into agreeing with the arguments set forth by Job’s accusers. Most readers end up forgetting what God has said about Job and agreeing with what Satan says about Job. This shows us the insidious lure of the satanic temptation to blame a scapegoat. It’s a temptation that really only Jesus can save us from.

Job: A Blameless Victim. Part 1 of a 3 part series from Brian Zahn

Jesus isn’t interested in America’s two-party division, by Michael F. Bird

Not long ago, I found myself in an American hotel room, channel surfing America’s political news circus, when I came across two programs featuring religious leaders passionately discoursing about President Trump and America.

One of the Best Illustrations I’ve Heard in Years, By Andrew Wilson

Is the second person of the Trinity omnipresent and incarnate at the same time? Is the Son of God both asleep in a manger, or a boat, or even dead, while he is also filling all things and sustaining the universe?

The Final Frontier, by Michael Chabon

I love Mr. Spock because he reminds me of you, I told my father. For the first time that night, I considered the possibility that he was going to survive it.

Enjoying the Journey of Ministry (w/ Jeff Keady) – Episode 13, 95Network Podcast

We are so excited to have Jeff Keady, co-host of the 200churches Podcast, on Episode 13 of The 95 Podcast! It’s always special to talk with another church leader who has such a deep passion to resource smaller churches.

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