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Leader’s Digest is a weekly collection of articles, podcasts, and other posts gleaned from the internet. Some thoughtful, some funny, some are just different. All of them are worth sharing with you.

Simple Strategies to Up Your Online Presence

Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast

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Chris Lema has become somewhat of a household name in the coder and WordPress community. In this episode, Chris talks about the early days in Silicon Valley and how much the internet has changed, even in the last five years.

Chris shares best practices on what to do to stand out online, what it takes to get noticed and gain traction, and what mistakes to avoid.

Wayne Grudem on Divorce

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In a reversal of his long-held stance, prominent conservative and complementarian theologian Wayne Grudem says the Bible permits divorce in cases of spousal abuse. Though he still advises church leaders to promote marital restoration when possible, the Calvinist scholar and author of Systematic Theology now admits divorce is sometimes warranted.

Abuse is in some ways more harmful than desertion, because abuse includes repeated demonstrations of actual malice, not simply indifference. Abuse is actively and repeatedly malevolent.

Wayne Grudem

3 Fears of Every Young Leader

by Ron Edmondson

Leader's Digest blog article

After years mentoring younger leaders, I’m convinced there is something all leaders with more experience need to understand as we welcome young leaders to our teams:

Every young leader shares some common fears.

And Because Even Leaders Have Leftovers

Thanksgiving Leftovers | Basics with Babish

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