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If thanksgiving can happen at the end of the world, then thanksgiving can happen when it feels like your world is ending.

Thanksgiving Isn’t Always Easy

The command in 1 Thessalonians 5:18 is, “Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” Let’s be honest and admit that’s not always easy. Some circumstances are so difficult we may never find our way to thanksgiving. This is not a reason to beat ourselves up or condemn ourselves for our rebellion against a biblical mandate. Instead, it’s an opportunity to open our eyes and see that thanksgiving isn’t something that just happens in ourselves; thanksgiving happens in community with others.

Trust me, someone is giving thanks for you!

Thanksgiving at the end of the world

Even when we find ourselves in a difficult time, someone is giving thanks for you! Just by being a part of someone’s life they’re thankful for your friendship, the times you’ve helped them out, the things you’ve done together.

Your circumstance might make thanksgiving difficult, but other people are watching you and seeing how you’re handling the challenges around you. They’re thankful for your courage, your faithfulness, and your friendship.

And if nothing else, I’m thankful for you!

Thanksgiving at the End of the World

I concluded our Thanksgiving series with a look at the very last occurrence of the word “thanks” in the Bible. It happens in Revelation 11 as the world ends. The 24 elders in the throne room of God fall down and say, “Thank God that’s over!”

Those 24 elders are representatives of God’s people in heaven. As they give thanks in front of God, they’re giving thanks on our behalf. So, when it feels like your world is ending; when it’s difficult for you to find thanksgiving on your own, remember heaven and earth are thankful for you!

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