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Leader’s Digest is a weekly collection of articles, podcasts, and other posts gleaned from the internet. Some thoughtful, some funny, some are just different. All of them are worth sharing with you.

The Bethel Movement

There’s been more controversy from Bethel lately, with the death of a two-year-old and their prayers for her resurrection. If you’ve been asked about Bethel and all you knew about was their music, Mike Winger has a very fair and kind evaluation of the message of Bethel and its founder, Bill Johnson.

Megachurch pastor steps away from pulpit because he feels far from God, tired in soul

blog article

Rev. Howard-John Wesley, the senior pastor of the historic Alfred Street Baptist Church in Alexandria, Virginia, surprised his congregation earlier this month with an announcement that he is stepping away from his ministry for a season because he feels far from God, tired in his soul and needed to recuperate mentally and physically.

Why Leadership Is So Exhausting—And What to Do About It

blog article

Building on the previous article, here’s Carey Nieuwhof’s take on the situation and how to recognize and prevent fatigue in your own ministry.

Michael Bird – The New Testament in Its World

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Did you get a copy of that big book by N. T. Wright and Michael Bird for Christmas? Check out this interview with Michael Bird for some background information on the hows and whys of their new book. Also, Bird is hilarious, as are his interviewers. This is a fun one!

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