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Leader’s Digest is a weekly collection of articles, podcasts, and other posts gleaned from the internet. Some thoughtful, some funny, some are just different. All of them are worth sharing with you.

Ok, Boomers . . . Let’s Get Busy!

Hey, Boomers! Let’s Step Up And Be the Elders the Church Desperately Needs Right Now

blog article

Some great thoughts on the future of leadership from Karl (The Shark) Vaters.

Coping with Grief During the Holidays

blog article

Someone you minister to is hurting this month. Here’s some great advice on helping them navigate their pain.

Anyone can be tired

The Best Christmas Ad of the Year

Hafod Hardware in Rhayader, Wales spent a whopping $130 to put this Christmas ad together. You’re definitely going see this one shared this month.

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