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Everyone says these are strange times . . . different times. Exactly what kind of people do these times call for? Who do we need to be?

1 Chronicles 12 details a difficult time in the history of Israel. King Saul was dead and a young upstart named David was about to take power. Sure, he was a national hero, but could he make the chariots run on time?

All Israel sent help. The Benjaminites sent bowmen, the Gadites sent warriors with faces of lions. Even that half-tribe of Manasseh sent 18,000 men!

And then there was Issachar

With everyone sending warriors, who would Issachar send? It’s not just a question of who would they send, but who would Israel really need?

And, for that matter, who do we need?

I think there’s much to be learned by the support sent from the tribe of Issachar. In our own days of battling Covid-19, quarantines and uncertainty, we need exactly what they brought to the fight.