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In case you’ve been wondering where that very handsome looking logo in the upper left corner came from.

Since beginning this blog, I’ve tried to keep the header image personal and current. Every few months, I take another picture of myself and try not to look like a complete goofball, with varying results. I’ve attempted the artsy approach, the fun approach, and, recently, the scholarly approach with a picture taken at my very windy outdoor graduation in May.

The tassels and hood didn’t play well in the wind. Thanks a lot, COVID!

At the beginning of the summer, I began talking to a graphic design friend about creating a logo for my website. I showed her a couple of logos that I liked, taking inspiration from Binging with Babish and Sam the Cooking Guy.

Binging with Babish and Sam the Cooking Guy Logo
Of course I would be influenced by food people! You know me!

After many designs, iterations on designs, and a little help from my daughter, Grace, a budding graphic designer in her own right, we finally landed on the image you see in the upper left corner of this page.

Yup . . . That’s Me.

It’s a little abstract, and there’s a bit of attitude in the image (true to form). But, I knew we had landed on the right one when I showed it to my son, Connor. As you may know, Connor is autistic and non-verbal. Instead, he communicates through pictures and words on his iPad and the Prolquo2Go app. So, I showed him the logo and asked, “Who is that?”

This was Connor’s response:

Connor recognized my logo
That’s good enough for me!

Thank You to Kathy from Montoya Creative.

Kathy Montoya Logo Designer
Kathy Montoya. Genuine Certified Creative Person!

I’ve known Kathy Montoya for most of my life. Her creativity speaks for itself. She has a fantastic way of taking something locked inside your head and producing it in a way that is more perfect than you ever imagined.

Kathy also designed our church logo, which is instantly recognizable with our building’s architecture and carries imagery that points to our mission in our community.

Kansas Christian Church Logo

Kathy is hardworking, professional, and loads of fun, but I love most that she has a heart for Jesus. The beauty she brings to her work is an expression of the faith that drives her. Her creativity is an expression of what God is creating within her.

I Know Kathy Would Bring Blessing to Your Graphic Design Need

Whether it’s a logo, illustration, photography, or another creative need, I know Kathy would bring her very best work to meet your need. Getting my logo design just right was a chore–I can be picky! See those little whisps in my beard? I was SOOOO picky about those whisps! But Cathy brought a lot of joy and fun to the whole process. In the end, we’ve got something we’re all proud of!

The next time you need some creative help (Listen up, preachers! You’re NOT graphic designers!) give Kathy a call! You will love what she can do for you!