Why Would You Preach a Sermon Series on Death?

I am actually surprised at how few times I’ve been asked why I wanted to preach on death. I’ll admit, it’s not really the kind of topic that packs the house, but it has generated a lot of interest and some great responses.

I forewarned the congregation about a month in advance that the sermons in October would focus on death. “Not heaven, not hell, not eternity, but the very real and inevitable fact of our own deaths.” I wanted to take a practical and honest look at what we need to know before we die.

I do a lot of funerals. It’s not uncommon for me to encounter families who are totally unprepared for death. They haven’t talked about arrangements, wishes, what they don’t want, or anything else. When I meet with them they’re usually in too much shock to give me many details. I determined that I was going to do my best to make sure my people were better prepared. Continue reading