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70% of pastors constantly fight depression. 80% are discouraged. 70% do not have a close friend, confidant, or mentor. Pray for your church leaders.


I Am a Church Member

Chapter four of I Am a Church Member focuses on the responsibility of church members to pray for their leaders. Of course, than just preachers or “pastors,” we recognize the call to pray for those who have been tasked with leading as elders and in other ways. All church leaders need prayer.


They Keep Watch Over Your Souls

Hebrews 13:17 tells us of those in leadership, “they are keeping watch over your souls.” The image is that of the watchman on the wall, staying up through the night to protect his city. In other words, we could literally consider translating it, “They lose sleep over you.”

I’ve written previously about the need for encouragement and friendship in ministry. I am blessed to have the support of fellow servants and the elders in my church. My heart breaks for stories like Jarrid Wilson and Andrew Stoecklein. In this message, I share a story about a friend who could have easily been another one of those horrible statistics.


I Will Pray for My Church Leaders

I know I am blessed by those who pray for me, my family, and my ministry. However, not everyone in ministry shares that blessing. My prayer is that no servant would ever slip through the cracks and miss out on the kind of care and brotherhood that I have found in my ministry. I realize that ministry can be extremely lonely for pastors (more lonely for their wives). We should all commit to pray for our leaders and their families. Let’s make it our personal mission to ensure no one misses our care; even if it means losing sleep over them.